While many firms understand their ethical responsibility to cybersecurity, many are not taking steps to ensure they've invested the appropriate resources to fulfill their obligations. In fact, many are delayed because they simply do not understand what "due diligence" to cybersecurity entails. Additionally, the governing bodies (ABA Model Rules and State Statutes) have not given prescriptive guidance; therefore, firms are left to decide for themselves what is an appropriate measure. Without a certifying body, where are law firms to turn to say "we've done our job?"

This session will give legal management professionals a clear roadmap to lead their firm toward appropriate due diligence, and perform a comprehensive cybersecurity assessment/plan that encompasses policies, procedures, technologies, education and response. We'll provide a collaborative environment for attendees to interact both locally and nationally with other firms to develop a nationally accepted platform for due diligence.


  • Outline cybersecurity education beyond just technologies.
  • Develop a standardized roadmap toward due diligence to cybersecurity preparedness and response.
  • Discuss a local and national collaboration platform to help develop a widely accepted platform for cybersecurity due diligence.
  • Develop the framework for your firm's cybersecurity readiness plan.

James Gast

James Gast is a 20-year legal tech veteran that presents at legal community events hosted by the Cincinnati Paralegals Association, University of Cincinnati Paralegal Studies and Cincinnati Bar Association. He has held certifications for Time Matters, Billing Matters, Timeslips, Amicus Attorney, PCLaw and Clio.

David Myers

David Myers is an attorney and legal technology expert. He is a frequent speaker and writer for many organizations across the country. He typically speaks on legal technology, the legal ethics of technology and cloud computing, productivity techniques for lawyers, and more.

Other Info:

  • 60 Minutes
  • Audience: Advanced
  • CLM App Management Category -FS: Operations Management
  • CLE: Law Practice Management




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April 18, 2018 3:00 PM Eastern
1 hour
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Proving Cybersecurity Due Diligence For Your Firm
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Association of Legal Administrators
CLMSM Recertification Credit: 1.00
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