Recently, the Journal of Addiction Medicine published a groundbreaking study by Hazelden Betty Ford and the American Bar Association Commission on Lawyer Assistance Programs titled, “The Prevalence of Substance Use and Other Mental Health Concerns among American Attorneys.” Although it had been commonly presumed that the legal profession had a heightened rate of these problems, nobody expected the numbers — reported by only active, practicing attorneys — to rise to the level that they did. The study clearly revealed a full-blown crisis that cannot be ignored. This program will outline the enhanced ethical and legal problems which loom, but, more importantly, suggest 10 specific strategies which firms and administrators can employ immediately to address this issue. These strategies should be of increased relevance for any legal managers, both in respect to their own personal issues as well as their role in formulating and executing pro-active planning to prevent and reduce impairment within the firm. 


  • Review the findings of the study, emphasizing the number of actively impaired attorneys.

  • Explain the increased ethical problems the firm is likely to encounter if it does not address the issues raised in the study.

  • Describe the heightened legal liability the firm will face if a protocol is not established for identifying, confronting and assisting with substance abuse problems.

  • Discuss 10 specific strategies to initiate now to avoid ethical and legal consequences and to promote a culture of prevention, wellness and support.

Link Christin is the Executive Director of the Legal Professionals Program at Caron Treatment Centers.  He is the former Chief Executive Officer of Heightened Performance LLC, a behavioral health consulting firm. After decades of practice as an attorney followed by a second career of treating impaired attorneys in a residential setting, he founded Heightened Performance in order to bring his experience to the law firm and lawyer, the corporation and the law school. Prior to creating Heightened Performance, he founded and directed the Hazelden Legal Professionals Program, the first track of its kind at a major treatment center. 


This Program is worth one hour of credit in:

CLM Application Management Category - Functional Specialist: Human Resource Management

CLM Recertification Credit: Yes - Substance Abuse

California MCLE Law Practice Management

MCLE/Other States: Credit may be available in other states but cannot be guaranteed. In all states, accreditation is dependent on individual state guidelines and filing regulations.

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July 06, 2017 3:00 PM Eastern
1 hour
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A Profession on Notice: The Ethical and Liability Case for Why Law Firms Must Get Serious About Substance Abuse
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Association of Legal Administrators
CLMSM Recertification Credit: 1.00
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