How do you handle inter-employee disputes - not out and out conflict? Maybe it's just personality differences but you know employees have to work together for the good of the firm. They need to act professionally without the rest of the office knowing there may troubled waters between them. Sometimes it's a disagreement with you? What processes can you create that will help employees understand that when you can't grant a request, there's probably a good reason.

Who Should Purchase

  • Administrators from small- to medium-sized firms
  • New administrators
  • Human Resources Administrators
  • Seminar Objectives
    • Takeaways
    • How to handle situations when you must turn down an employee's request, whether for more senior responsibilities, part-time schedule, etc. - a request you cannot grant
    • How to help employees reach amicable and productive relationships among themselves
    • How to create an environment that supports and strengthens agreement among employees
    Seminar Information
    Date Presented:
    March 14, 2007 12:00 AM Eastern
    No Longer Available
    Why Can't Everybody Just Get Along?
    Speaker Information
    Rachel Schaming   [ view bio ]
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