We work in a world that is often characterized by fighting fires and responding to last-minute requests. If you’re surrounded by a constant state of crisis management, these paradigm-shifting concepts will unlock the solution. Truly improving your use of time will require you to evaluate your current personal productivity habits and disciplines (or lack thereof), to consider some new ideas for improvement, and possibly going back to some old but reliable practices. Recalibrate your perspective on time and how you’re using it. Identify ways to become organized and systemized. Master the approach of time budgeting and end that perpetual feeling of urgency. Imagine regaining control of the hours in your day — while becoming more productive and efficient — and having time in life for other personal priorities. The 25-Hour Day Strategy can help make that a reality. Applying these strategies will allow you to save up to an hour each day and will help reduce the stress of constantly living in “survival mode.” 


  • Identify actionable ideas you can implement immediately to become more organized and more efficient. 

  • Discuss a strategy that will allow you to allocate your time proactively, plan your days and make time for the important tasks that aren’t always screaming for attention, but often determine long-term success. 

  • Review what the ideas and strategies can do for you and your organization, including helping you move from a state of constant crisis-management, high stress and lost productivity to becoming an efficient, well-oiled machine. 

Other Information 

  • 60 Minutes 

  • Audience Level: Essentials 

  • CLM® Application Credit: - Application Management Category:  1 hours in Self-Management  

  • CLM® Recertification Credit: 1 hour in the subject area of Communications & Organizational Management (CM) 

  • SHRM: Communication 

  • SHRM: Instructor-Led Activity 


Randy Anderson is Co-Founder of E3 Professional Trainers, a training firm providing workplace and life training for individuals, teams and companies. Before starting E3 in 2005, Anderson spent 20 years in sales and management. From that experience, he developed strategies to help people become more engaged in their job, better equipped to do it, and feel empowered to have greater influence at work, while enjoying more personal fulfillment. He delivers these through customized training and keynotes. 


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March 26, 2020 3:00 PM Eastern
1 hour
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The 25-Hour Day: Time Management and Time Budgeting Strategy
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